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Looking for self-made Pakistani lady, then see Humaima Malick


Pakistan’s film and TV actress Humaima Malick bragged during an interview and considered herself as ‘a self-made woman’ who daringly deals with matters.


During an interview with BBC Urdu, the flamboyant actress stressed on her being self-made as she handles everything in her life herself and doesn’t put too much stock in the ups and downs of romantic relationships.

“One should not be too sensitive or sentimental about romantic attachments,” said the talented actress.

“The best relationships are those you have with your brothers and sisters, your parents, your friends. I always say that a woman is not lesser than any man. And in our society especially, women are very strong”, she added.

On her upcoming project, the actress clarified that her character, Annie, in ‘Deakh Magar Pyar Sey’ is equally spunky. “She’s a really fun character,” said Humaima.


“She is surprising, she’s spontaneous and she’s sexy and she knows it. She doesn’t have a filter and she’s extremely blunt,” added the actress.


However, as far her previous character in Shoaib Mansoor’s Bol that was more traditional and demure, Humaima admitted she realised like moving in another way.

“I just didn’t feel like crying or screaming onscreen, “she said. “Our public seems to enjoy watching weak, victimized women characters… I wanted more of a challenge,” she added.

Moreover, her upcoming movie, Deakh Magar Pyar Sey, is scheduled to hit the cinema on August 14.

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