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What women wear under Abayas in KSA? REVEALED!


As many peoples around the globe have hobby of peeping through the windows of their neighbors in the very same way these brains have created this question a mystery for many. And many people on the web have been misguided by telling them different stories regarding what women in KSA wear under Abayas.


Before jumping to the ‘point to ponder’, one should now what Abaya really is, most famously it is described as a ‘full-length sleeveless outer garment worn by some Muslim women.’ (Oxford Dictionary).

As mentioned above, Abaya is an outer garment, that shows that inner garment is something also verily required with it. This is for those who think that women use to remain naked under their Abayas.

The other point is that, if you say that women in KSA specifically use to wear nothing because of hot and humid temperature in the region, should reconsider that point as it feels so uneasy to listen so how weird it would be.


At the same point, due to hot climate men doesn’t leave wearing socks under their formals shoes, it is because of the adjustment and comfortability of it.

Talking particularly about women in KSA, all of them are not wearing that Abaya in religious sense as many also wear this to match the society trend. Here it should be known that Abaya is most famous in North Africa and Arabian Penisula and the world around is adapting it with adding some innovation to it.

Finally, we can tell you that women wear clothes under their Abayas in KSA and around the globe, however, some wear a full dress or other wears short dresses like skirts. That all depends upon the mindset of women, what she wears as some prefer jeans under Abayas and some are so strict that they even hide their nails when they move out.

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