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Urwa Hocane caught drinking and dancing at party in India (Video)


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Social media have brought up another eye opener for you and this time its is about the VJ turned actress Urwa Hocane. The video revolving on the web has left several eye balls stun as the video is said to be of a party at New Delhi. The video shows Hocane dancing and drinking. Although, so far it isn’t sure that the video is of any film scene or is a real life event.

So far the updates tell that the video making people stun is of a late night function in India in which sister of Mawra Hocane is seen exhibiting her dance moves.

The video has gone viral and if that all is the very same what video tells then one can predict that Urwa is in some serious trouble. Here it should be known that she was offered film ‘Azhar’ alongside Emraan Hashmi, which she turned down, telling that she would prefer doing some meaty roles in B-town other wise she is good with Pakistan film industry.

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Earlier, younger sister of Mawra got into hot waters as she was having a lip-lock scene in her Bollywood debut ‘Sanam Re’.


Mawra Hocane kissing scene from film Sanam Re
Mawra Hocane kissing scene from film Sanam Re

The other controversy for younger Hocane also rose up when she was up with a photo shoot in India. The photo showed Mawra clad in racy-red choli in which she was looking red as hot. Here is the photo:

Mawra Hocane

If this drinking and dancing scenario is as it is being portrayed on social media, this will be the very first time of Urwa to get in such controversy in her amazingly smooth going career.


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