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This is how Younis Khan fulfills a female fan’s wish in Shaista’s Sitaray Ki Subha


A female fan from the audience of the morning show expressed her wish to sit alongside the legendary cricketer on the front seat of car.


The former Test cricketer of Pakistan was the special guest of Shaista Lodhi’s famous morning show on Tuesday when a girl from the audience talked about her wish. The host of the show got surprised hearing the aspiration of the fan.

However, Shaista settled it for the guest and the fan to fulfill the wish. Shaista Lodhi provided her own BMW for the accomplishment of the aspiration. The camera shows how world class cricketer opened front seat door for his fan and drove the car to make a couple of yards round.


On returning, the fan was asked to express her feelings to which she said that it was like a dream and she did not ready to acknowledge it as a reality.

Younis Khan is one of the most respected cricketer of Pakistan who grabbed the national record of most runs in Test cricket recently against England.

Earlier, on his returning to Pakistan, Younis Khan was warmly welcomed and received by his fans and congratulated him on breaking the record. The veteran player also announced retirement from the ODIs and concluded his moderate career in ODIs with grace.

Younis Khan video:

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