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More than half of all human infected with newly discovered Virus


The newly discovered virus resides in the gut of more than half of the human being, scientists claims.


Scientist have revealed other fact about recently discovered a virus which homes in the intestines of humans by claiming that the virus exists in more than half even may be 75 per cent population of the world. The virus contaminates and replicates itself inside one of the most common types of gut bacteria named Bacteroidetes which has been implicated in obesity, diabetes, and other gut related diseases.


The virus is named as crAssphage, and it is described in Nature Communications this week.

The new virus discovered accidently by Bas Dutilh and Robert Edwards from San Diego State University during a screening of new virus when they were analyzing the DNA in fecal samples from 12 people. They found that all the samples had a particular cluster of viral DNA about 97,000 base pairs long about 10 times bigger than HIV.

It came to knowledge that new virus exist in 342 out of 466 people sampled and they do not know about it. Further details about crAssphage have yet to be discovered.

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