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Five Top Benefits of Waking Up early in the morning


Life is not as complicated a phenomenon as it is usually considered to be or converted to by the dint of our own not having discipline attitude towards life. It can be made more pleasant by following the natural orders. The whole world has been working on the organized scale. So, the human beings are also given ways how to move in life following the principles.


To human beings, especially of modern era, early rising is not an easy thing to do particularly if it is the beginning of the work week. Sometimes a weird desire of not seeing the sun up to the head arises in our minds as we are in deep asleep. However, being an early riser could really give a person more benefits than staying in bed a little longer. As the popular proverb says “Early to bed, early to rise make a person healthy, wealthy and wise.”

Let us consider this proverb to explain how it is to be taken true. Following are the top five advantages of waking up early in the morning.

1. It refreshes you.

Starting early in the morning gives you more time for yourself. It saves you the stress of not having sufficient time to get ready for the day ahead. Consequently, you feel more ease, flexible, less stressed, relaxed and refreshed. Plus, it gives you more time to enjoy your breakfast.

2. Nature adds to delight

As it is mentioned above, early rising gives you more time for yourself, a fair part of time can be spent to enjoy the outdoors such as walking barefoot on morning dew-covered lawn which has relaxing effect and breathing the fresh air is useful for lungs as well. Besides, if anyone has tendency to jog, that would provide the opportunity to enjoy the eye-catching sceneries and the calm environment just before getting stuck in the hustle and bustle of work in the day.


3. Brings out a healthier you.

In case of waking up early provides a less atmosphere which is good for the mind, then it can also benefit your overall physical health. Waking up early gives you more time to do your favorite physical activity such as jogging, meditation, yoga, breathing exercises, even walking your dog.

4. Could make you appear more successful

It is observed that those who are considered successful are habitual to be early risers. Waking up early gives you more time, makes you less stressed, calms your mind, makes you optimistic and gives you more energy. All such things are known to help a person appear to be more successful and achiever in life.

5. Helps in developing good habits

Early rising nurtures discipline which in turn helps you develop good habits. The reason why it is done because waking up early is itself a good habit and requires strict discipline. It needs stiff focus on the target of waking up early which is not an easy thing at all. Once this habit is maintained, the rest of your activity can be forged into a habit of how to stimulate yourself to leave the bed which will lead you to follow discipline in taking meal and taking exercise. After maintaining such habits you can use the time more effectively which is bound to follow a healthy routine. All of these good habits can be nurtured from just waking up early.

Some people will not take it seriously and term it impossible as they justify their having work late at night which bound them to sleep late at night and to wake up late as well. Regardless, this excuse still the early rising benefits could be grasped. The only thing which is required is the will power.

“Lose an hour in the morning, and you will be all day hunting for it.”

-Richard Whately

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