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Develop Self Esteem by these ways


No one is perfect but everyone is good enough to gather confidence. Acting upon these ways will enhance your self esteem and swagger.


Smile and say “Salam/Hi” to every person you walk past

Avoiding eye contact is a visual cue that you are an inappropriate person. So from today, during walk in local park say “Salam/ Hi” and ‘How are you?’ to every person you walk past. You will be pleasantly surprised with the positive response of the other people.

Instead following commands start asking “Why?”


Asking questions will depict that you are not a mere lemming  who bows down to the orders of the others. Positions of power always wait for people who demonstrate independent thought cause most difficult situations  cannot be solved with a textbook solution.

Apply your knowledge in daily life

You will never overcome the problem of lacking confidence if you just read articles as you are doing it this time. So be smart, go outside and apply your knowledge in your daily life by exploring the world.

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