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Afzal Kahn’s ‘F1’ number plate to be sold against £10 million


The number plate “F1” is up for sale a surprising £10 million. The owner bought it for £440,000 six years ago.


Afzal Kahn, the owner of the plate, who is a Yorkshire-based car-turning tycoon, has it registered on his Bugatti Veyron hypercar, worth around £1 million on its own. Breaking a British record, the businessman got world’s most expensive car registrations.

It is being advertises for £10 million with RegTransfers, the personalised number plate specialists, who previously listed the ‘X1’ plate for £1 million in September 2012.

As stated by Afzal Kahn’s spokesperson, Muhammad Bhana, the businessman recently rejected an offer of £8.5 million for the plate from strong buyers in the Middle East. He said he was unaware that F1 was for sale, but pointed out that all numbers belong to Kahn are for sale with Regtransfers.


Previously, the most expensive number plate ever sold is thought to be the number 1 which was bought for £14 million by Saeed Khouri at a charity auction.

Kahn who has been crowned ‘The King of customisation’ by the U.K’s top automotive magazine, Autocar, famously pulled out of architecture to follow his craze for cars.

Meanwhile, a representative of Mr Kahn clarified that number plate F1 is not for sale with the website RegTransfers. He said that Mr Kahn did not give RegTransfers permission to advertise the sale of the number plate.

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