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1 girl 2 wheels: Zenith Irfan Pakistani girl travelled northern areas on motorbike


Crossing the boundaries, a  young Zenith Irfan Pakistani girl dared to set on a journey through the Kashmir belt on her bike.


Fulfilling an unaccomplished dream of her deceased father who wanted to travel the world on a bike, the courageous Lahoree Zenith Irfan travelled through Kashmir, riding various bikes including Honda 125, Honda CD-70, and Suzuki GS-150.


She travelled through the perilous terrain of northern Pakistan along with her luggage tied on bike behind her. She dared to set on her six-day journey from Lahore on June 14th and finished it on June 20th. On her return, the 20-year-old daredevil girl documented her journey in a personal photo blog on Facebook, “Zenith Irfan: 1 Girl 2 Wheels”.


She said that she did not face any hurdle the moment she made up her mind to make this journey. “My mother is a very liberal woman. In fact, she was the one who motivated and pushed me to ride a motorcycle,” said Irfan.


She considers bike riding just like challenging social norms,” A social taboo is enforced on female motorcycle riders by creating a sense of disgrace and shame.” This was the perception that she aimed to change through her motorcycle adventure.



About herself, she described as a “free hearted soul”, that is quite self-evident the way she achieved her mission and the pictures that she posted on Facebook proved how much courageous she is.


She further said that: “With my motorcycle adventures, I aim t elevate and encourage women to embrace their passions and goals, with open arms.”


Moreover, she has plans to travel all of north, funding mosques for necessary renovation and providing aid to the flood victims in Chitral.

About her father’s dream, his death and life after him, how she started with bike etc., Zenith Irfan shared on Humans of Pakistan Facebook Page that says:

“He wanted to travel the world on a bike. He wanted to experience every emotion and tantalize every sense he was capable of. I was 10 months old when I lost him and at a very tender age I understood that ‘some things just don’t last forever.’ My mother accepted it quickly and we all knew this was all we had; ‘each other’. With my brother still in her womb and with me cradled in her arms, she fought and raised us. I guess it’s the whole emotional roller coaster that ignited the inner biker girl. I was 12 when I first rode one. All I could remember saying was “How do you stop this? How do you stop this?” With the twist of the throttle, the shift of the gear, I went to places carrying my father’s legacy. If I fall, I have to get up by myself. Dust the dirt caused by my own failure and face the raging road again. There is no helping hand. You are the designer of your own catastrophe. We all try to find our escape routes. We all try to seclude in something or someone. For me, it was motorcycles.”

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