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Katrina Kaif joins Facebook on birthday; Salman Khan welcomes her with wishes


Once the leader of the Bollywood scene, Katrina Kaif, is now not getting the way to get back in limelight. Katrina Kaif, who is one of the actresses Salman Khan introduced to the industry is just compromising on 1 film every year, and that too is not leaving the similar impact for what she was really known for.


Leaving all this apart, today on her 33th birthday, Katrina Kaif decided to surprise her fans, and to do this, she joined Facebook and posted an adorable video.

The netizens seemed loving the gesture, which might a superb treat from Kaif’s side. This all became more entertaining as her ex, none other than Salman Khan also welcomed her on Facebook and extended birthday wishes.

Salman Khan posted on Facebook:”Katrina Kaif welcome to Facebook and wishing you a very Happy Birthday.”


Salman Khan, who should be at cloud nine after his film is gearing to broke every of the records in Bollywood, even humbly welcomed Katrina Kaif on Facebook.

It will be relevant to mention here that social media plays nowadays works as a bridge in between fans and stars, and knowing this , around every of the B-town celebrity uses them and take out time to interact with their fans.

Katrina Kaif’s Facebook debut, and than Salman’s wishes would really have worked as icing on the cake for Katrina Kaif’s fans.

Katrina Kaif’s first video on Facebook via her official account


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