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Kareena Kapoor or Her Son; Who is Cuter?


The fans of Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor have finally seen the pic of Chotay Nawab Taimoor Ali Khan. It is difficult to the comparison who is beautiful; either Taimoor Ali Khan or her mother Kareena when she was a child.


The new pic of Saif and Kareena’s son Taimoor Ali Khan went viral over the internet, and in fact, it is breaking the internet. After Saif Ali Khan leaked the pic via social media platforms, it seems to be difficult for the people to hold their feelings and keep it cool.


Her mother already proclaimed that her baby is the beautiful baby in the world and surely he is because he is cute just like her mother. “My son is a gorgeous man this side of the equator. I take it as a compliment because yes, his lips are amazing”, Kareena responded over the comment of Priyanka Chopra that Taimoor is a beautiful baby and he already has Kareena’s pout.

Speaking about her son, Kareena said in a recent interview, “There are a lot of responsibilities on you once you become a mother. You feel that your heart is not beating inside you, but outside your body and that is the biggest responsibility. Both me and Saif always wanted this. We used to talk about all these things. Both of us see ourselves in Taimur, and this is the most special thing.”

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