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Jackie Shroff speaks justifying Aamir Khan’s stance on ‘intolerance in India’


Bollywood veteran star also jumps to express his views regarding intolerant attitude of the country following Aamir Khan’s remarks and the reaction from various fields of India.


Stating about the topic, which has been a talk of the town since the day Shiv Sena stormed at Board of Cricket Council for India (BCCI) during meeting with Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) official, Shroff said there is nothing wrong with the ongoing intolerance debate in the country. He said that the protests has the right to freedom of expression.

He said that if people feel there is something wrong being happening then they can speak against it.


“India is the biggest democracy. We have the right to say what we want to say and people have the right to protest. If there are things that some think are wrong, then people have the right to speak up,” said Shroff.

About Bollywood’s mega star Aamir Khan’s comments saying his wife Karan suggested they should move out of India fleeing hostile atmosphere in India, Shroff said people should ask him why he said such thing rather than concluding the meaning by themselves.

“Ask them (Aamir and family) whey they said something like that before jumping to conclusions. Respect the person’s view as that is also being tolerant,” added the senior actor.

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