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Hum Media Group earns Rs1 bn pre-tax profit during 2014-15: Report


Pakistan media industry has been flourishing for more than a decade and the new statistics say some of media groups are earning greatly. The famous Hum Group has made approximately Rs 1 billion pre-tax profit for the first time in the financial year 2014-15, statistics report.


Airing soaps and TV shows to grab the massive audience, Hum TV have become quite popular; hence, is earning heap of money. The profit of this group after tax increased to Rs. 747 million from Rs. 592 million with growth of 26% year-on-year.

On the other side, its yearly revenue stands at Rs. 3.7 billion with decent growth of 27.5% in the ongoing financial year of 2014-15.


This media group owns number of channels ranging from lifestyle to entertainment to magazine and has become one of the few media groups listed in Pakistan Stock Exchange along with Media Times Group having subsidiary of Daily Times, Business Plus TV and Zaiqa, which are not in good position in terms of profit.

Although the span of eleven years are completed of its working, the group is still exploring its way to make its new venture successful which is failed earlier through introducing Style 360 and Hum 2.

On the whole, the business of Hum Group has been expanding because more projects are expected to be launched in the field of entertainment and news as it produced soaps are getting popularity across the sub-continent along with in various foreign countries having people from Pakistan and India.

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