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Here is what Mahira Khan has to say about Meera’s shocking accusations about her


Mahira Khan and Meera has once again got into the cat fight and it all  started with Meera’s accusations and insensitive comments about the Pakistani actors, who is on the top enjoying limelight.


Earlier, Meera passed negative comments on her industry fellow Mahira Khan saying that Mahira is unfamiliar with the acting, she doesn’t know acting at all. Meera even advised the fans of Mahira Khan, not to waste time in watching Mahira’s movies and commercials.

Meera G tweeted that: “Mahira Khan doesn’t know how to act at all. Don’t waste time to watching her movies and commercials.”

Up the latest, Meera has made another indecent remark to the fellow actress.


“Signing up Mahira Khan alone for all projects is a big injustice to all the female artists in Pakistan who are more talented and good-looking than her. However, a particular lobby in the entertainment industry is preventing them from coming forward,” said Mahira Khan.

Responding to it, Mahira Khan said:

“I don’t know why all these actresses are trying to compete with me? I believe that all the old ones need to take a step back and relax as it’s now the younger actresses’ time to shine”.

“I did not lobby or use any shortcuts to make a name for herself; in fact, I did this all on my own. Whatever I have done and wherever I am, it is because of what I have done on my own,” added Mahira.


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