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Here is what Aamir Khan has to say about rumors of using steroids for Dangal body transformation


Perfectionist is the one who didn’t settle with anything less than perfect, and for instance we can mention Aamir Khan here, who is aka Mr. Perfectionist of Bollywood. 51-year-old PK star is widely known for his devotion with work, beside many offers Khan goes with one film at a time to be more concentrated on a single project. Not only this, being a versatile actor he doesn’t avoid under going any transformation, he built six packs for his film Ghajini while got a childish look to play the university student in ‘3 Idiots’.


This time for his latest flick ‘Dangal’, he has undergone some drastic transformation. As we know that ‘PK star’ will be playing a wrestling star in this film, at first he gained huge weight to look like a wrestler, and as per demand of the latter part of the film Aamir Khan has lost around 25 kgs, and now up the latest he has unveiled his muscular look for the film, where he will be shooting for young Mahveer (wrestler).


But many of the people couldn’t digest Aamir Khan’s body transformation and rather than appreciating his hard work, credited the usage of steroids to get back in 6-pack physique from around 100 kgs.

Aamir Khan’s trainer also rubbished the rumors of him using any organic compounds for losing weight, and now Aamir Khan himself has opened up over the matter.

“I have not used any substances. I think that the good rate to lose weight is roughly one pound a week. If you want to lose weight little faster, then you have more of a calorie deficit.” said Dangal star.

“So, if you have calorie deficit of 500 calories a day, you lose one pound a week. If you have the calorie deficit of 1,000 calories a day, you lose two pounds a week. That is considered to be on the higher side. When I started the weight loss process, I was doing double of that. Four pounds a week, I was losing for the first three weeks. Then I brought it down to two pounds a week. So, I had 20 weeks to do that. If you do the math, you will understand that is how I got there. Immediately after PK, I was in the weight training mode for two years,” he further added.

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