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Hamza Ali Abbasi to join PTI’s Islamabad Lockdown even if it ends his career


The famous film and drama actor, Hamza Ali Abbasi never shies away from expressing his opinion over different issues.


Though he’s not an office bearer of PTI, he supports Imran Khan’s stance and often spends time with him.

Abbasi actively took part in PTI’s  sit-in (Dharna) against the rigging in elections and now he seems to join PTI’s Islamabad Lock down at any cost.


In his Facebook post he wrote: “8 months since Panama Leaks, our system cannot punish a man who holds the highest public office and whose corruption has been proved by documented evidence. Essentially we are giving a free license to the powerful people to do whatever they want with zero accountability. Even a 100 CPEC projects and countless motorways will not be able to save our country if corruption becomes a norm and an accepted practice. How will a nation where corruption isnt a serious crime, stand for Kashmir?”

Abbasi asserted that he will be there in Islamabad if that means an end to his media career and fans base.

“I am not a politician, not an office bearer of PTI neither do i want any election ticket. As a PAKISTANI i will be a part of 2nd November Movement even if it means an end to my media career and my fan base.” He further added in his Facebook post.


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