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Hamza Ali Abbasi to join BOL TV


The famous film and drama actor, Hamza Ali Abbasi never shies away from expressing his opinion over different issues. Although he’s not an office bearer of any political party but even than he stands tall when it is about the politics for betterment of the nation.


He is quite vocal on each and every of the topic around, which even makes him controversial some time, but that even not stops him, he always put in his strong opinion and highlight the wrongs in the society.

In Ramadan he hosted a show on Aaj TV, where being vocal even landed him in trouble.

The latest video Hamza Ali Abbasi shared on social media tells that he is all set to join BOL TV.


The video he shared was captioned as: “It is time to get rid of the notion that being political or talking about politics is Taboo if you are not a politician. Be politically aware, our destiny depends on it. Being political is not a profession, not a career… its a duty, a necessity!”


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