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Hamza Ali Abbasi on his way to create history with ‘Ramzan Hamara Emaan’


Before he started off with this years’ Aaj TV Ramadan transmission you recognized him as superb actor plus a socially vibrant celebrity but now after several days have passed he have proved himself as a courageous host. As we mentioned earlier, Hamza’s inventiveness and creativity will be setting new goals for the Ramadan transmissions. Doing exactly the same, Hamza is unfolding many of the matters which have remained undiscussed on national TV or especially during the religious transmissions in holy month of Ramadan.


Before he kicked off with this show, he cleared that his Ramadan transmission will be different from others being making it to the screens.

“In Ramzan, I was always repulsed by TV Transmissions with mundane and futile discussions and tacky game shows. So instead of just sitting and being repulsed, i decided to do a transmission which is free from tacky game shows and where real life Islamic issues are discussed. I am thankful to AAJ NEWS for the platform. Will talk to you all tomorrow at 3pm. RAMZAN MUBARIK.” Hamza Ali Abbasi on Facebook told about his Ramdan transmission.

Up the latest, he has also discussed about the oppression of Ahmadis in Pakistan, and has also vowed to discuss this matter along with blasphemy in detail at the end of Ramazan.

With discussing not even it in that detail, Abbasi has become one of the first Ramadan transmissions hosts to throw light over the matter.

While doing so, he also shared his experience of voicing for Ahmadis, over which people used to say him one of them.

He further clarified, “I am not an Ahmadi, I am a Sunni Muslim.”









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  1. I salute you Hamza for raising this issue on supression of minorities . People do a lot of shows like Living on the edge by waqar zaka where the most daring person is chosen but i think this is even more daring than any other shows. Jabir hukmaran k samnay qalma e haq kehna sab se bara jahad hi and u have done that.

  2. very brave to speak on this topic. we Muslims need to follow the truth teachings of Islam. And spread the message of peace and love. The holy Prophet as. was a very kind and tolerant person . he forbear all kinds of hatred and pain. every Muslim who is being violent ,abusive and threatening is a disgrace and a shame for Islam.
    Don’ t know where they got this sick idea from .

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