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Hamza Ali Abbasi joins hands with Shehzad Roy against ‘Ratta’ educational system


There are not many voices thinking about the ruined creativity of our youth, and out of them no one is pointing the educational system, which is creating followers not the leaders.


Shehzad Roy, the singer plus famous humanitarian, known for thinking out of box this time has brought a serious matter which needs everyone’s attention.

The singer posted on social media: “Over 90% of questions in the Matric examination are based on rote memorisation! Now is the time to build critical thinking in our students with a #‎reformmatricboard‬” with a video which has got over 13,000 times shares and has got around 500k views in just 20 hours.


Hamza Ali Abbasi, one of the most popular Pakistani celebrity on social media thought the very same as Shehzad Roy, following this he has urged others to back this great initiative.

“Please join Shehzad Roy in raising voice against the “Ratta” system which has destroyed our education system. This plague of “Ratta” is killing the thinking ability of our students and render them incapable of asking questions and actually learn something instead of pointless memorization of books. #‎reformmatricboard ” posted Hamza Ali Abbasi on Facebook.

It will be worth mentioning that basically the emphasis of this initiative is against the matric board system, which is all based on rote of memorisation.

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