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Haifa Wehbe bold outfit opens the floodgates of criticism


A dress worn by a famous Lebanese singer on TV has opened the floodgates of criticism in Arab social media.

Week ago, Haifa Wehbe presented a song during episode of music talent contest , wearing a figure-hugging long black dress exposing sheer panels. Over 2 million people watched the performance online, stir a debate on female dressing .


Mostly women from Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Egpyt , were critical of the Haifa Wehbe’s dressing. “Scandalous” was a much used term by the social media users.

Haifa is on one side of the debate within Arab culture. The debate on Arab social media, really shows the mind set between liberals and conservatives breathing under the same piece of land.


. In a Facebook comment, one man said “These type of Arab female celebrities need to meet the Islamic State”. Another joked by sharing an image of a man with a long beard holding a mobile with the caption “Hello…ISIS!!”, as though he were reporting her.

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