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Glimpses of Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol in upcoming ‘Dilwale’


The golden couple of Bollywood – SRK and Kajol – once again are to be seen together in upcoming Dilwale and fans rushed to see the first glimpse of behind the scene.


The scene seems to be from someone’s marriage ceremony in the movie but it’s unclear who is at the climax.

However, the next image clarifies what’s going out there.

The short clip of four minute showcases brief but candid interviews with the cast and crew.

“Not sure whether I like the groom and the bride so much,” said the SRK’s heroine Kajol upon stepping the sets of the film.

“The beginning of the end,” says Varun, looking suave in a suite, before going to see his bride.


On the other hand, SRK is burnt out after the back-to-back shoots of the film. “We haven’t been home in six months, it’s the last 10 days hopefully,” expressed the King Khan.

Sanjay Mishra excitedly spoke out what has been cooking inside the making: “Agay agay dekhain hota hai kya”.

Meanwhile, the fans are anxiously waiting to see Raj and Simran again after their blockbuster Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaiyenge – a movie that set many records in the Bollywood film industry.


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