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Girl passes snake from nose to mouth on Waqar Zaka’s ‘Over The Edge’ show (Video)


In history of Pakistan we haven’t witnessed many reality shows, and those who have gone air so far have some links with the notorious host Waqar Zaka.


Zaka who is severely been criticized even he comes up with anything positives have this time brought the biggest reality show of Pakistan’s television history ‘Over The Edge’.

So far 4 episodes have been aired of this reality show via HTV, and it is getting mix reviews as many are appreciating Zaka’s effort of doing it once again, and the others carrying negative review think that some of the moves being done in the show by the contestants are pre-planned.

The 4th auditions episode have turned the charts as it shows a Karachi girl named Ayesha Hussain doing a death defying stunt. Waqar Zaka who is also famous for performing death stunts have claimed that such stunt has never been done before in the history of reality shows.


It will be worth mentioning here that men coming in this show weren’t even able to do an effort for this as many thought that it is impossible, but the girl, doctor by profession took the challenge at her own risk and proved her courage.

Watch: Girl Performing death defying stunt at Waqar Zaka’s ‘Over The Edge’ show


Although Waqar Zaka lashes at the main stream media over not highlighting this feat done by a girl. Waqar Zaka on his official Facebook wrote: “Hello Pakistani News channels, why this is not in News yet ? Or is it just u show negativity about Pak or big boss India ki news Tu chalta hai but apna hi show ki nahie no matter how big it is?”

In another post on Facebook, he claimed that such stun is not even happened at the biggest reality shows,”Bring it on India, with ur big budget reality shows can you match this? Tonight at 11PM on HTV.
Dr. AYESHA did what not even shows like Fear factor , America’s got Talent or Roadies can even think about. .not to forget she did it in first attempt , if u missed it episode at 11pm www.htv.com.pk/live Ayesha thank you for taking the level of Over the edge above all reality shows.”

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  1. Hats off Ayesha u have done it ,i am from India ( Mumbai) .I am impressed by u really u r great , I want u to be my friend @ whatsapp plz share u r contact no or u can send me hi @my number is 8411013717.

  2. Extremely courageous and most useless and stupid act.

  3. Hats off ayesha …. it’s really really extraordinary….. toooo good …i m fan of you …i wanna frnd with u …i m from india(kolkata)

  4. Looks like a professional. Fake doctor. Htv is fooling you.

  5. hello mam I was too shocked when I saw ur videos.

  6. That’s animal abuse#poor snake#pity#

  7. Dr.Aayesha ji u prove it “Dare to dare hota hai”

  8. Dr.Aayesha ji u prove it “Dare to dare hota hai”

  9. If any girl think like you then the attitude of people about girls will be change . Excellent work , Due to this I can think girls will become bold and take a risk to give big output…(I also hope , your life will give always this type of great example) …

  10. You are a proof which disproves that girls can’t do this and that. U in fact proved to be better than guys. Truly incredible, admirable, stupid and useless act. I appreciate with a regret that we could even lose you during the act. Love your life to live your life. Thanks

  11. Bravo Ayesha, really you are courageous. Awesome but please avoid taking too much risks.

  12. This was horrible to watch. If this is what it takes for women to prove themselves equal to men then I gladly decline. Poor thing was cornered Into it. Sickening idea. Shows no boldness only exploitation. Felt very sorry for her. We shouldn’t have to prove ourselves this way.

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