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Geo News license is suspended by Pemra for 15 days


Islamabad: 15 days suspension is enforced on Geo News license here on Friday by The Pakistan Electronic Media Regularity Authority (PEMRA).


The concerning channel has also been fined of Rs10 million besides being suspended.

These actions are taken on the basis of the complaints which were received from the defense ministry against the channel. However, the decision is taken by the newly-appointed chairman of Pemra, Parvez Rathore.


Moreover, the period of the expiry of the suspension of the license would be expended in the case of not paying the levy within 15 days.

Though, in the light of the statement issued by the channel, they have already been punished by not having the permission to be broadcasted for 45 days; consequently, the broadcast has been suspended  in most areas of the country  . In this way, the channel bears the losses of almost Rs 2 billion despite apology.

Furthermore, the channel revealed that their case has not been heard yet, besides, no evidence is provided against the channel.

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