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Gangnam Stlye music video pushes YouTube to upgrade views limit


The music video for South Korean songster  Psy’s  Gangnam Style jumped YouTube’s view limit,  pushes the sites to upgrade its counter.



Since his break out hit ‘Gangnam Style’ made his debut in July 2012, it has become the most watched video in YouTube to date , hitting more than 2.1 billion views mark.

When Youtube was desinged, it was never expected for a video to exceed 2,147,483,647 views because of how the counter software was originally coded. “It’s like a car odometer,” says YouTube spokesperson  Matt McLernon. “Once it rolls over the last nine,  it resets.” He said the company expected two billion would be enough. It wasn’t.


 Google, which ownws YouTube, late told website The Verge that engineers “Saw this coming a couple months ago and update our systems to prepare for it”

Youtube now uses a 64-bit integer for its video counter, which means videos have a maximum viewer count of 9.22 quintillion.


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