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Former Coke Studio producer Rohail Hyatt to come up with Sprite music event


The former producer of Coke Studio (Season 1-6) Rohail Hayyat is someone who made Coke Studio, what it is today. Coke Studio is the most watched music show of the sub-continent.


After Rohail Hayyat leaving it after 6th edition,  a stir goes on,whether he will be coming back in the show or not? Although, after passing 7th season under production of Strings, many people claimed that Coke Studio has lost its charm without Rohail. And many rumors of his comeback for 8th edition were lit.

But here we are with the news which will boost up the music lovers; you will be seeing Rohail Hayyat but this time he’ll be producing music event of Sprite, some reliable sources told.

It also came in view that the up-coming initiative will be something never seen before in Pakistan, although it’s yet now not confirmed.

Rohail’s fans still missing him in Coke Studio

Rohail’s interview with BBC was perceived as he’ll be making return in the 8th edition, although he denied such rumors and posted via his Facebook Page: “Just for the record, I’m not producing the next season of Coke Studio Pakistan (2015). I think BBC interview is being interpreted by some as if I am producing this season. What I meant to say was that I would like to produce my 7th season of Coke Studio one day. I hope this clears any confusion.”

Some of his fans craving for his comeback




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And Here’s the one with an ‘essay-length message’

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What if they all be knowing about Rohail’s return with new music initiative of Sprite.


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