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Fawad Khan was feared of Fatwa after playing homosexual in Kapoor & Sons


After Karan Johar’s Kapoor & Sons turned out to be a massive hit on the board, several revelations were up regarding the characters played in the film. Some of the reports isn’t the air suggested around three big Bollywood actors were offered role of homosexual guy in this flick.


After all the star declined playing this role, later, Fawad Khan was approached for the film. Pakistani star not only once again amazed the audience with his superb acting, he successfully made his way to get more projects in Bollywood.

The eminent producer Karan Johar came up with a starling revelation that six Bollywood star excused from doing Fawad’s role in the film and he along with director Shakun Batra was looking to change the script of the film.”We went to six actors and after six rejections, I told Shakun Batra (director) that we should drop the idea and he started developing another screenplay.” said Karan Johar.

Fawad Khan in his latest interview to First Post, told that what concerns he was having while opting the role in the star-studded film.


When asked if Pakistani audience have become less conservative, Fawad said, “I would believe so, but now that you have mentioned it again, they might just slap me with a fatwa. [laughs] You’re giving people ideas.”

“But seriously, 10 to 20 years ago, mainstream actors in both countries were hesitant to play eunuchs. They got over that. It is a part of life, how can you ignore it? Earlier just using the word hijra or eunuch would cause people to giggle,” he said.

“Similar was the case with homosexuality, transsexuals or what not. Some people still giggle, but that giggle is much better than responding violently. And again with the current affairs taking place all over the world, people have started realising there are so many more beautiful things in life than just like focusing on these issues in a negative way.

People have evolved. It’s refreshing to see them not be all like taboo-taboo about things now,” he added.

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