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Tight jeans puts negative effects on the health of women


Australian doctors have claimed in a new research that women who wear tight jeans can have negative effects on their health.


 In a recent research it is said that tight jeans cause hindrance to the flow of blood in thighs and legs and this condition for many hours makes them senseless of their feet as well.

Doctors said that by wearing tight jeans for long hours can disturb the flow of blood in the lower part of your body and damage the muscles as well. The women who continued to wear tight jeans may become paralyze partially or permanently.


So, the recent research has forbidden women to avoid wearing tight jeans.

Wearing jeans is not a new fashion but in women and especially of wearing tight jeans has become famous all over the world from the last few years. Even in Pakistan the women are wearing tight jeans now a day and this trend is getting more and more popular.

Especially young girls in Pakistan are getting more and more inclined towards this fashion. So, the need is that girls should be get aware of this fact and keep them away from this fashion.

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