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H&M introduces its first hijab-wearing model Mariah Idrissi


Mariah Idrissi becomes the first hijab-wearing model for H&M, the second largest global retailer after Zara.


Mariah whose point of view is that those women wears hijab or covered their heads “are usually ignored in fashion model.” In an interview to Fusion about his new ad with H&M, Mariah said that she start wearing hijab at the age of 17. She amazed at the opportunity given by H&M to a women who covered her head.4

Mariah Idrissi is from London while her father is Pakistani and mother is from Morocco. Mariah was discovered by H&M on Instagram. At first she was reluctant to work with H&M but then decided to be the part of giant retailer campaign after getting permission from her parents. “I honestly have no idea why,” the half-Pakistani, half-Moroccan model told Fusion. “It might be because hijab fashion has boomed in the last few years and to finally see a hijabi [a woman who wears a hijab] in mainstream fashion is a big achievement.”6

“Some people think it’s great that women can be beautiful and wear a hijab, and others think they’re forced to wear it. I’m quite thick-skinned though, so if people did say anything to me, I wouldn’t notice it anyway,” she told Fusion.3


Idrissi told Fusion she attended Islamic school for 10 years and started wearing a hijab when she was 17.2

“Hijab includes the way a person walks, talks, looks and thinks. All of it should be done modestly and applies to both men and women”, Mariah Idrissi

Mariah Idrissi has over 6900 followers. In her every selfie, she always weraing a turban hijab and her fansl like this style. She wears high-necked accessories or polo necks to protect her modesty.



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