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Family comes first, Bollywood second: Mathira


KARACHI: VJ cum actor Mathira said that her family is first priority for her and that Bollywood offers come second.


Expressing her discontentment at Pakistani audience and people, she said ‘When Jennifer Lopes and Beyonce done dancing members people find them sexy but if a Pakistani girl does the same, she considered as vulgar.’

She said that Pakistani people will never be able to get delighted.

the controversially famous model-actor recently concluded shooting for two songs as well and will soon be seen in Faisal Bukhari’s upcoming film ‘Blind Love’.


Meanwhile, she is looking through television and film scripts to recognize her potential in acting. She said: “If the team is good, then the budget doesn’t bug you too much. It becomes a secondary issue.”

About two unfulfilled Bollywood offers, she said: “I got pregnant with my son, so didn’t end up doing them.”

Further she said that the Indian movie directors were looking for her to come there and really wished me to do their projects. She said that projects are common things but family always comes first.

Despite the rude attitude from Pakistani people, Mathira still wants to continue her acting and singing career in the local entertainment industry.

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