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False promise about date with Hrithik Roshan: Chandigarh girl drags Coca Cola to court


What if you are waiting and that wait continues till 15 years and still you don’t get it. How furious or retarded you will be?


Here in an incident when a girl disappointed over the fake promise by Coca Cola, as Cola company arranged a promotional contest in which they announced that the winner will be given chance to dine in with superstar Hrithik Roshan. But today 15 years have passed, Cola company not obeying their own sayings.

Shikha Monga wining the contest on May 22, 2000, when visited Coca Cola’s marketing office the manager offered Rs5 lakh instead of meeting with Hrithik Roshan but she stuck one her demand, refused it saying that she only wants to date with Hrithik, nothing else.

Reportedly, civil judge of Chandigarh district court has announced that the applicant need not to pay Rs 2.43 lakh as court fee for the suit and also has asked Coca Cola company to reply by August 18.


“It is duly proved on record that applicant is not possessed of sufficient means to pay the court fee and she is indigent and as a squeal thereto. The application is allowed to pursue with this suit being from a pauper/indigent person” Court in its orders said.


Shikha narrating her disappointing experience told that, she was student of Government College for Girls, Chandigarh and she spent her pocket money on purchasing the bottles. On the day she winning the contest she feels quite blessed.

She also told that she made several request to the Coca Cola company to arrange her meeting with Hrithik, as they said before. In June 2003 she filed a suit in the court, wanting 2.5 crore in damages.

“Everybody in college, friends and relatives used to ask me about my meeting and dinner with Hrithik. I lost my reputation and was labelled as liar in the society and have no alternative but to file this suit for damages,” Shikha stated in her suit.


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