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Facebook removes Hamza Ali Abbasi’s post supporting Burhan Wani


Hamza Ali Abbasi, who is quite vibrant on each and every of the social issue, is also condemning the Indian forces brutality in Kashmir. In his several posts over this topic, he has also supported Kashmiris and has also praised Burhan Wani, the leader of region’s largest rebel group Hizbul Mujahideen.


Facebook is also been accused of taking down content related Kashmirs and deceased Kashmiri rebel Burhan Wani. This time they did it with Hamza Ali Abbasi, who condemned this freedom of speech violation from Facebook at Twitter.

The post Facebook removed was as follows: “Look at this man. He is not an ISI agent, he is not a Mullah inspired Pakistani funded militant. He is Burhan Wani Shaheed. A KASHMIRI who joined the freedom struggle of Kashmir when his brother was killed by Indian Army. If KASHMIR issue is not resolved according to the will of Kashmiris and UN Resolutions, we have another PALESTINE in the making right in our backyard. #IAmBurhanWani #BurhanWaniShaheed #Kashmir,” wrote Hamza Ali Abbasi on Facebook.

It will be worth mentioning here that at first Hamza Ali Abbasi’s Facebook account was deactivated, and later on before restoring his account, the particular post about Burhan Wani was removed.




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