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Dilwale duo Shah Rukh, Kajol interviewed by Sahir Lodhi


As promotion of the upcoming mega movie ‘Dilwale’ on its climax, the main couple of the project is busy in participating in talk shows not only for Indian channels but for Pakistani as well.


Earlier, it was confirmed that Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol would be shown on Sanam Jang’s morning show; however, they have also got recorded their interviews for Shaista’s Sitarey Ki Subhah and Sahir Lodhi’s show.

The amazing thing happens when Sahir had a selfie with one of his inspirational personality, SRK, since they have a marvelous similarity not only in countenance and appearance but also in moving on screen.

Sahir updated his Facebook page with expressing his delight after having met with the Dilwale couple and has left the rest of the story of meeting on the telecast of the show. The date of the show for telecast is not revealed by the host as yet. He also rendered thanks to both the couple of Dilwale for participating in his show.


Met SRK .. utmost pleasure..Had an amazing interview with him and Kajol. U can catch the rest on samaa. Will announce…

Posted by Sahir Lodhi on Sunday, December 13, 2015

Sahir Lodhi has been termed as ‘Shah Rukh Khan of Pakistan’, just because of his bearing similarity with SRK, and many people from within the country also consider Sahir of copying SRK. However, whether Sahir does or not, it could be seen when the show airs on the channel.

The thriller-romance Dilwale is set to hit the cinemas across the borders on December 18.

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