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Co-producer Imran Kazmi speaks on fate of ‘Janaan’ after Reham Khan’s divorce




Fans of Imran Khan and Mrs Khan got anxious about Janaan’s fate after Reham’s separation from IK; however, co-producers have said they are quite confident to continue the shoot as was scheduled.

“The film has Masha’Allah successfully completed its first spell; the entire production team is currently busy planning for the second spell which should hopefully start in a month’s time,” Imran Kazmi of IRK Films said about the current situation of the project.

The co-producer also said that all the rumours are put to rest as he believes in ‘the show must go on’ and expressed, “I would like to say that this news will not affect the film in any manner whatsoever.”

Although the sole power behind the project is no more in the country and it’s not cut and dry whether she would return or not, Kazmi said that she won’t be gone for long.

“Reham should Insha’Allah be back soon”, expressed Kazmi, adding ‘ in spite of the initial minor raodblocks and setbacks which every prodution faces, our team is now completely in sync; everyone has their assigned tasks and I’m proud to say they are proficient enough to handle all production-related issues in either Reham’s or my absence.’

About director of the film, Azfar Jafri, he expressed that the director is professionally unperturbed by this news and is currently working on creating the first-book teaser trailer for the film. ‘This should be out soon’.


Meanwhile, the team Janaan twitted saying Reham will laways be a part of the project despite her parting ways with IK.

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