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Catwoman at Halloween: Mahira Khan comes forward to clear the air


Controversies are on the verge when you are in the limelight. This is what happened with Mahira Khan on her posing in Black Cat mask alongside another artist in Hindu extremist’s attire on Halloween.


Nabila’s Halloween party witnessed Pakistani chick turned out a Catwoman, posing for a picture with Asim Raza, the director of her upcoming film Ho Mann Jahan.

The director made his appearance in Shiv Sena’s signature saffron, holding a placard that read ‘Mahira ko bahir nikalo!’.
Although Asim’s style was a sort of satire on Shiv Sena’s recent protests against Pakistani artists making Mahira, Fawad and some others to leave India, it made people across the border construed Mahira’s joint picture with Asim as political statement.

Before the situation gets worse, Mahira Khan comes with explanation to clear the air.



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