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Bollywood celebrities stand against Shiv Sena threats to Pakistani artists


Many B-Town celebrities come out in support of Pakistani artists who are continuously facing threats by the extremist India party Shiv Sena. These supporting celebrities strictly said there should be not politics in art and culture.


Shiv Sena is the alliance party of BJP – the ruling party – and both have now same views about Pakistani talent in India. Both are now saying that they will not allow any Pakistani artist either it is cricketer, musician, singer or actor to perform in India.

However, various Bollywood celebrities stand against the threats by Shiv Sena. Here are few glimpse.

The Beauty and Beast,

“Arts and culture should be kept away from politics”

Director Anurag Basu,

“This has nothing to do with art and artists. Bollywood has never got affected with this till now and never will. The ethos of India and Bollywood is very strong, which nobody can shatter. And this binds together the whole country. When we go to watch a film in the theater, you don’t think if the person sitting beside you is a Hindu or a Pakistani.”

Director Kabir Khan,

I feel that arts and culture should be kept away from politics. Politics is at its place and culture exchange is at its place and above politics. There are numerous actors, singers and performers from Pakistan in our industry. They are a crucial component and they should be allowed to continue being a part of it.”

Actor Emraan Hashmi,

There should not be any bounds on creativity. We see numerous international stars performing and there shouldn’t be any bounds to that. Creativity shouldn’t be stifled, everyone should be there to express.”

Actress Soha Ali Khan,

As an artist, as a citizen of the country, I consider it wrong. It’s not what India stands for and that’s not what films and art stand for. So, along with all the authors who’re giving back their awards, so that’s what we need to do.”


Lyricist-singer Swanand Kirkire,

“Shiv Sena is party with a certain viewpoint and I don’t agree to it. Art is the only medium through which we know about the culture of other places. People grow more when there is cultural exchange. It’s just what a party is saying, not what the country says. If it was what the country said, then these artists wouldn’t have been called here. People want to listen to Ghulam Ali.”

Actress  Nimrat Kaur,

“It’s a free world and the pleasure of being an artist is that you can perform anywhere and reach out to people anywhere. I come from a democratic bent and I don’t endorse any sort of inhibition on artist being able to perform anywhere. So it is very sad to hear this in any part of the world.”

Director Omung Kumar,

“It’s not correct and I think it’ll die down, but this shouldn’t happen. Films could be affected and will get affected but hopefully people are working it out and I think it wouldn’t be for a long time.”

Director Mohit Suri,

“I don’t believe in bans. Art should move freely across.”

They also targeted two most popular Pakistani actors in Bollywood in India Mahira Khan and Fawad Khan. They are also trying to put ban for the promotion of their upcoming movies Raees and Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. According to Emirates 24/7, the producers of these movies have been trying to negotiate with Shiv Sena.

“We do not think that the Shiv Sena will stop at just preventing Fawad and Mahira promoting their films. Last time when SRK, who is the hero in Raees, and Karan Johar, who is the producer of Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, had collaborated and made the Fox Studios backed film My Name is Khan, the Shiv Sena had put a ban on the release because Shah Rukh had made a statement against not picking Pakistani cricketers in the IPL. It was sorted later, but the filmmakers feel that any statement they make now could even jeopardize their release,” a source said.

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