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Bilal Saeed arrested for rash driving, checkpoint violation


The renown Punjabi rock star is accounted in few of the newcomers who craved path of the success within no time. Apart from his albums and single numbers he’s quite famous for  sparkling sensation all over the crowd during live concerts and performances. And according to his updates on social sites it seems that nowadays he is busy doing concerts in Gujranwala.


And up the latest reports, the melodious singer was arrested by National Highway and Motorway Police for exceeding more than the limit speed and for check post violation. According to the sources, the singer was rashly driving and was over-speed crossed the checkpoint on G.T Road Sadhoke. It is said that the young singer accompanied with his friends violated the checkpoint, police interrupted them to stop but it went of no use. Than the police chased them and after a long run they were arrested near Fruit market Kamoke  after NH & MP took help of the Kamoke Sadar Police.


Further sources told that Bilal Saeed along with his four friends were sent to prison (City Police Station Kamoke) under section 186,279 and 5056.

It seems that the Punjabi rock star was going to Gujranwala when this incident took place.



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