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The banged-on trailer of “Namaloom Afraad” promises to bang the Pakistani cinemas


The trailer of the film titled ” Na Maloom Afraad” is not really a “Na Maloom” (unknown) one, as it has disseminated  over the social media, just after the trailer’s launch. Social media viewers applauded the advent of this brilliant flick ,as rehabilitating the cinema in Pakistan.


According to the rundown of the movie, the story encircles the aspirations and goals of three individuals ,who happened to come together ,accidently. That one incident transforms their apparently ordinary lives into uber-adventurous one , marked with unprecedented happenings. The seemingly insane story hovers around the execution of a mad plan  of the three lead characters ,in the helter-skelter city of Karachi.

The actors playing the lead are Fahad Mustafa, Mohsin Abbas Haider , and Jawed Sheikh ,along with the Salman Shahid in a negative role . The leading female character is of Urwa Tul Wusqa and that Mehwish Hayat, has a special appearance, in the movie. The director is Nabeel Qureshi, and the producers are Fizza Ali Meerza and Mehdi Ali, who have produced the movie under Filmwala Pictures.

The movie offers a brilliantly-portrayed satire on the socio-political disturbances ,in the country.With the crafty production, appealing sets and screen plays, impromptu comedy, and the attractive commercial orientation, breaking the monotony of  the art-films’ genre in Pakistani movies, the movie is sure to grab the attention of many ,because of its novel and unconventional aura.



The producer of the movie, Fizza Ali Meerza, conveyed the aim of the movie was to provide a light-hearted entertainment to the audiences, as opposed to the repetitious and oft-repeated trend of film-making in Pakistan, that is bent upon giving a doze of serious issues like terrorism, domestic violence, extremism ,etc. to the audiences. Similarly, the producer added, that the movie isn’t designed to provide any moral or social lesson, and is just a complete entertainer.

It’s pretty remarkable, as opposed to usual time-duration of other films, the filming of this movie began in January,2014 and ended the same year. That is being accredited to the strict adherence to the properly planned and meticulously laid-out schedules. Also, the producer and the director employing their  previous experiences of ad-film making,  gathered the team from the commercials’ industry, who are considered as more dynamic and fit for making this genre of movies.

Another interesting feature of the movie is the budget. Fizza told that the movie kicked off with a budget of almost Rs. 5 million, and ended up becoming Pakistan’s biggest-budgeted films, with the total budget of almost 9 crore rupees.

Responding to the release date, she hopes to release it in September, without giving any specific date , being cognizant of  other Pakistani movies hitting the cinemas,this year.


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