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Baahubali hero Prabhas and Hrithik Roshan to star in Dhoom 4, why not Aamir Khan?


The Dhoom series is not just about thief-cop story, it is much more than it. The film with every new part even gets more ovations than to its prequel. Till the date, 3 films of the Dhoom series have been arrived and each of them was a huge success on the board.


The specialty about the Dhoom series is that it continues with the same cops, Abhisekh and Aditya Chopra in all three films and the thieves in all of the three parts were changed, as in two of the parts the villains or thieves got died in the film.

The role of the antagonist is always crucial in the film as it is always the most anticipated among the moviegoers. The role of the antagonist in Dhoom 4 has become talk of the town, since it came into the news that Yash Raj Films will be making sequel of Dhoom 3, which is listed among one of the highest Bollywood grosser of all time. And none other than, Aamir Khan sparkled the film with his brilliant acting, the Mr. Perfect of the Bollywood starred in as the role of two twin brothers. He got into both the characters well and astonished with this action-thriller venture.

Dhoom 3 grossed 536 crores worldwide, which is the third highest for any Bollywood film till the date. Dhoom and Dhoom 2 were also super-hits on the board but weren’t much immensely appreciated as Dhoom 3.


The speculation ends-Hrithik Roshan and Prabhas to star in Dhoom 4

The news about the duo casting in the film aren’t officially announced but some reliable sources claim that the duo will be starring as the antagonist in the part 4 of the Dhoom series. Not to forget that, Greek God of Bollywood, Hrithik was also earlier the part of Dhoom 2, which was super hit of that time. Especially, his dance moves in the film took the B-town by storm. If Hrithik will again be coming in the 4th arrival of the Dhoom series, presumably he will be continuing his role of Dhoom 2 further, as he was the only antagonist out of all three parts, who wasn’t died. If that would be the case, the film will able to grab more attention of the moviegoers. However, till now no official announcement by the film makers in this regard is made.

The other man, starring as the antagonist will be Prabhas, who is the lead actor of Baahubali, which is also among the list of highest grosses of Bollywood. According to the sources, the Telugu star impressed scion of Yash Raj films, Aditya Chopra with his acting in Baahubali and it seems that Mr Chopra will be casting him in the lead role.

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