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Ayyan Ali latest news: judicial remand extended till June 29


The petition filed against super model Ayyan Ali over money laundering case will also be heard in the next hearing.


As the concerning judge was on leave, no proceedings took place in the case on Monday. Now, her case is again put on delay till June 29.

Since she was detained, super model Ayyan Ali emerged in a new style and attire on every hearing. So, on each of her coming, a number of spectators gather in the surrounding of the court to have a glimpse of gorgeous damsel. This time, she put on a black hood with jeans and black goggles in order to protect herself from the scorching sunlight.


The super model Ayyan Ali alias dollar lady was arrested in March from Benazir International Airport Rawalpindi after customs found $500,000 in her luggage. She was about to board on a Dubai flight along with massive amount of money without any permission.

After the investigation begun, she claimed that she acquired the money after selling her real estate plot.

Apart from her case, she has been under hot discussion especially on social media. Mostly, she is discussed due to her chic and new style in every entry she made.

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