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Atif Aslam’s musical concert called off after Shiv Sena’s threat


Pakistani rock star Atif Aslam was ready to perform in Pune, India on April 25, but changed his plan in the wake of being threatened by Shiv Sena – Indian extremist party.


The singer, whose charisma has been acknowledged not only in Pakistan but also in India, had to postpone his event because of unrelenting opposition from Pune’s far-right regional political party.

“The neighbouring country is sending terrorists to India, blasting bombs, attacking our Parliament, then how do we welcome their artists,” chitrapat Sena (party’s cinema wing) leader Adesh Bandekar told media.


Sanjay Sathe, who is the organization of the event, was in agreement of Adesh’s statement and told NDTV, ‘We are from the field of arts, we wanted to do it, but then the intention behind the cancellation is totally appropriate. We shall always remain patriotic. As Balasaheb has said ‘Be patriotic and put the nation first’, and thereby, at the larger level we had to cancel the show.’

There was a general agreement when it came to the show’s abandonment. ‘Shiv Sena has always been against Pakistan and the motive behind cancelling the event is to show that Pakistan is traitor. The organizers praised our stand and with a big heart scrapped the event,’ said Hadapsar MLA Mahadev Babar.

Meanwhile, up to 1,000 tickets for the even had been sold, which will be refunded.

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  1. you mess with Pakistan it’s k you cant win you mess with Atif aslam
    bitch prepare to get your sites hacked -.- this means war!
    Shiv sena? aisey ki taisey
    :* hacked…

  2. Art needs to flourish but Pakistan can not send terrorist in Kashmir and other parts of India. We Indians want peace with Pakistan but not at the gun point. Pakistan harboring Lakhvi and Haffez Sayeed shows where their priorty lies.

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