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Arshi Khan goes nude for Shahid Afridi ahead of Pakistan vs Bangladesh World T20 2016


Afridi is not having a good time in the field, other then that some unknown troubles have been knocking at his door continuously. The two names troubling Afridi most are Qandeel Baloch and Arshi Khan. Baloch, from Pakistan is a social media entertainer and always tries to be in limelight with her outspoken attitude and enticing offers towards politicians and others. Nowadays she is limping in the limelight with offering a strip dance for captain of Pakistan T20 Cricket Team Shahid Afridi, if Pakistan beats India. Whereas, Arshi Khan is a Bhopal-born small time actress, who has been claiming that she has a relationship with Shahid Afridi, she came up with all this ‘alleged-relation scheme’ back in fourth quarter of 2015. Since then she has recorded numerous message for Boom Boom, which took the social media by storm.


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Now once again upon Pakistan cricket team’s arrival in India for World Cup 2016, Arshi Khan and her controversies have become headache for the Green Shirts fans, as recently the small-time model has once again claimed that she is pregnant with Afridi’s baby. Here is the latest video surfacing around:

Arshi Khan tweeted about her nude pictures

Arshi Khan nude pictures

(For pictures click the link given in the tweet)



In the meantime it would be difficult to access that whether Qandeel or Arshi who have won the cheap publicity game and is turning out to be a real headache for captain Afridi and fans.

Blast from the past:

It’s not the first time for Arshi Khan to do such tactics to get into limelight; the infamous actress was held into controversy over slapping Bhajpouri film producer. She later revealed that the producer was touching her inappropriately at the time she slapped. Khan again making her way into headlines revealed that Radhe Maa (religious Indian spiritual leader) runs a prostitution racket.

Arshi Khan


Arshi Khan (2)

Arshi Khan 2




Qandeel Baloch

Qandeel Baloch 2


Qandeel Baloch


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