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Ali Gul Pir’s new year satrical tohfa ‘Kaisa Dia’


 Gul Pir already announced  himself as a critical satirist when he launched ‘Wedre ka Beta’, a kind of rap mocking the free  life style of  Sindhi Wederas, Ali Gul Pir, 28, came up with another satrical song ‘Kaisa Dia’,



Three edged Gul Pir’s ‘Kaisa Dia’,  taunts Mushroom of private TV channels in the quest of  ratings, likes of Amir liaquat and others, tend to go at any length. There is no such ethics as far as channels obtaining ratings. Secondly, how newcomers, specially females, have to face harassment to showcase their talent in the media. And lastly, there is overwhelmingly majority of Paki artist falling in love of  Indian industry as if the ultimate  recognition of their artist work will be proved when they get any role in Indian Flim or TV industry.

Here is ‘kesa Dia’ :

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