Short track, Ariana Fontana: “I reopen the investigation, I want the truth. Then I’ll be back in the race for Italy “

Ariana Fontana speaks again. Valtellinese has its say on the issue regardingUnion internal investigation With regard to the case in which the accused considered the fact that Some of her teammates targeted her During the Beijing 2022 Olympic Games. The Italian champion is using her Instagram profile again position point In the investigation process and mark “I’m on topic”.

after Several disagreements with the unionand they have it too Threatened to change nationality To participate in the upcoming races (there was talk of the United States) Ariana Fontana wants to have her say and she does it with clarity and clarity. on one side Go back to what happened And 13 months of investigations are still open, on the other hand He wants to reiterate that he definitely didn’t bracket his career.

After all, the season will start on October 20 with the World Cup in Montreal, but it is not yet known what Ariana Fontana will do and, above all, with which team. Will you continue with Italy? Will it change the difference? Right now, these are the most important questions about the athlete who, even today, is on top of the 500-meter sprint, with the feeling that Much of his future will depend on how this process ends within the team. It seems that everything excludes the will to stop, so we will wait for the next developments, with the feeling that the Italian flag is still in the future of our standard bearer.

Lyrics by Ariana Fontana:

Today marks a month since federal prosecutors reopened their investigation. The investigation was, and still is, as to whether I told the truth when I was interviewed about shooting on the ice by two of my teammates. It’s been a long, grueling process, 13 months, and as you can see, it’s not over yet, but the way I do one thing, do everything… get it done! I will wait until this investigation is complete to decide on many things because the actions of others and the decisions they make will show me Italy’s commitment to the advancement and protection of its athletes. While I wait, I will keep fit and hope to be able to compete again and above all get back to training with other Italian athletes. It is one of my biggest wishes. So now I’m practicing keeping all my cards on the table to make sure that when it’s all over my future is still filled with great emotions for me and my fans! Thank you all for your continued support!!!”

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