Shopping tourism is starting again, with the United States leading the way

October 28


by Redazione
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With tourism, the desire for it has also resumed Shopping Tourism In Italy, which he sees in the head The United States, Germany, France and the United Kingdom The average daily expenditure per person is 100 euros.

It’s the picture you took Tourism Answers and show it to Venice In the inaugural stage Shopping Tourism – Italian ForumDesigned by Risposte Turismo itself and organized in partnership with the Confcommercio System and with Mastercard and the Land of Fashion Villages, the main sponsor.

The new version of Shopping and Italian watch for tourismthe reference research report on the phenomenon, contains an unpublished survey of a representative sample of 300 foreign tourists (from the United States, Germany, France and the United Kingdom, four markets currently relevant to arrivals), half of whom were tourists who made shopping the main reason for their trip.

between Factors The most influential influence on the choice of travel destination emerges later Discountssales and promotions (60%)commercial offer From the destination (34%), i Services Available (transport but also dedicated apps and maps, 32%), the proximity To attractions / places to visit (29%) and presence typical productions/ Specific or unique products (27%). It is one of the first cities mentioned as travel destinations for shopping Milan With London, New York and Paris, while in the best cities, in addition to what we just mentioned, also Los Angeles, Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Rome.

Among those who do not have shopping is the main motivation for travel, 14% He referred to shopping as one of the main activities of residence, which shows the general strength of the combination of tourism and shopping between demand.

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Venice Focus. From another investigation conducted on more 80 stores in VeniceAccording to retail operators, three out of four customers are tourists and year-end sales levels will be very similar to 2019. Among the foreign tourists most frequently in stores in the city, Americans predominate (32%) followed by French (25%) and Germans (22%) and the British (8%).

One third of the shops interviewed confirmed that compared to 2019, the Tourist habits have changed: Requires original or customized products created by local artisans and living new experiences such as meeting them as well as improving shipments of purchases at points of sale, although a portion of today’s tourist customers express reduced purchasing power

regarding sales As for tourists, nine out of 10 shopkeepers have excellent prospects by 2023 (44% declare a positive situation and are confident that it will improve further in the next year). Even with 64% of stores having an e-commerce service (mainly through their own website), more than 6 out of 10 still focus on in-store sales.

He explained, “Shopping tourism in Italy benefits from the resumption of travel, including international flights, with the advantages of a commercial offer for destinations as well as for other components of local economic systems – Francis Caesar, President of Risposte Turismo – To take advantage of this opportunity, operators must demonstrate that they are up-to-date and sensitive to the demands and preferences of tourists, especially those who precisely navigate shopping in the destinations visited, and expect to be able to gain value in terms of knowledge, information and entertainment from the experience they will live. The first results of the Shopping Tourism Italian Monitor showed that, especially in cities that are the destination of large tourist flows, point-of-sale owners, and not just those belonging to major chains and brands, are preparing as much as possible to respond to them. these requests. However, additional effort is needed, such as target systemto better frame this phenomenon, understand its potential and adapt the receptive commercial offer, hospitality and services in general in order to attract the growing segment of demand despite the potential it offersE-Commerce To buy without leaving home.

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The tour will continue on Wednesday, November 16 with the announcement of the second stop Ancona It ends on Thursday, December 1st Bologna.

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