Shopping carts, do you know what these clamps are? It is very useful

Have you ever wondered why shopping carts are made like this? The answer is not very clear and above all leaves you literally speechless.

Shopping Cart –

We used to go to Supermarket and take the cartToday, with the help of a coin, load it up with shopping and go away. Nobody ever wonders why it’s made of aluminum and has grilles? It is true that some supermarkets have adopted the closed plastic version, but it is short-lived and the reason is always the same. Let’s take a trip through cart history And why was it designed this way?

Who invented the shopping cart?

To better understand the history of the truck, we need to go back in time to 1937. Sylvain Goldman Born into a family of sellers, he never had much luck as a merchant, even considering the Great Depression and the Wall Street Crash of 1929.

shopping cart
Shopping Cart –

in one of Oklahoma stores I have noticed that some mothers who have children have a lot of difficulties in managing. Baskets full of goods and children running around, with products that fell due to the impossibility of carrying them.

One night he started thinking and looking at one simple folding chair He had enlightenment. He placed the basket on the seat and another under the chair, imagining wheels and a handle: this prototype appeared two months later and the cart revolutionized the way people shop.

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Cart History –

Unfortunately, it wasn’t the best start because many men They weren’t ready to admit they needed it. there Goldman’s marketing move It was a miracle, I hired beautiful ladies who walked around with the trolley inside the store while they did their shopping.

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From that moment the cart It was viewed differently, and three years after its introduction, American grocery stores designed wider aisles for customers and their shopping carts.

The trolley we know today was patented before Orla Watson in 1947 Take the first and the original as an example. It is clear that over time there have been some aesthetic and functional modifications but the concept has never changed.

Why are shopping carts like this?

Once we understand who invented shopping carts and the evolution of this wheeled container, let’s try to understand Motivation for her shape. There are many studies on this topic and they all lead to the same answer.

Show cart in SolidEquipped with four multi-directional wheels and a handle for easy portability. The thankful It was designed for these basic reasons:

  • The gratings allow the cashier See all products Who is inside without forgetting anything (or stealing something);
  • Being completely open, It is easy to clean them. Just imagine the classic bottle with tomato sauce that breaks, nothing will be left inside the cart and the liquid will spill on the floor;
  • It’s open so it can stay outside, and if it’s not covered, the rain won’t stay inside Create a lot of inconveniences.
modern shopping carts
Modern Shopping Carts –

Steel was chosen, although there is no confirmation, because it has a lower production and maintenance cost and Everyone can afford it. In addition, the steel shopping cart has a long life because it is resistant to shocks and stresses. It undergoes improvements over time, but the basic concept remains the same.

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From today onwards, we will look at the shopping cart with different eyes.

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