Shopify brings entrepreneurship to the Spotify music platform

Shopify Today it announces a new strategic partnership with spotify. The goal: to give artists the creative freedom to expand beyond music and trade traditional and thus building successful brands backed by two of the best players in commerce and podcasting respectively.

Thanks to the cooperation, Artists can now showcase products directly on Spotify and thus reach their listeners and fans where they are already more engaged with their music.. In detail by linking the account Spotify for artists In the Shopify online store, musicians can sync catalogs and highlight key products in their Spotify profiles, making it easier for fans to browse and buy.

Shopify Channel Available Today For artists in all countries where Spotify is located, including Italy, They are currently allowed access Listeners in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

Thanks to Shopify, artist entrepreneurs can have access to one Trading platform All in one To manage your brands through multiple touch points Which includes not only popular social and entertainment channels or marketplaces, but now also one of the most popular audio streaming services in the world, Spotify.

“Thousands of artists around the world use Shopify to sell their merchandise. As of today, thanks to the launch of the Spotify channel, we are working to bring them closer to their fans,” comments Paolo Picazio, Head of Shopify Development in Italy. “Musicians today are also entrepreneurs and are building very diverse brands and companies. For them, it will now be easier to interact with their fans wherever they are. By bringing e-commerce to Spotify, we are giving artists the freedom to think about their work beyond traditional commerce and providing them with new ways to achieve income”.

“For many fans, Spotify is the primary way to interact with an artist’s music and we’re thrilled to offer musicians a new way to tap into that moment.” he claims Camille Hearst, Spotify Head of Artists. “We want to give artists as many resources as possible to convert listeners into fans, fans into premium fans, and ultimately help them make more money. Incorporating a powerful Shopify backend to boost commerce is an important step forward in our efforts to help artists increase revenue streams additional maximization and empowerment during their careers.”

For new artists, Shopify is a commerce platform All in one Easy to use to start, grow and manage your own brands because it gives merchants access to environmental system Apps and services, such as print on demand and discover the product. For artists with a large following and pre-existing businesses, the Shopify infrastructure can easily handle large amounts of traffic, key sales moments, and highly anticipated product launches.

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