Shockingly discovered at the airport, a boa constrictor appears in the handbag. “He was next to the laptop.”

Boarding pass ready, documents on display, and a boa constrictor One meter and 20 in hand luggage. The unusual discovery was made by baggage handlers at a Tampa, Florida airport on Friday as the trolley was passing through an X-ray machine.

A woman disappears into thin air, then the shocking discovery: “She was swallowed and killed by a snake”

boa constrictor in luggage

Pictures posted by the airport agency on Instagram showed the animal next to a pair of shoes and what appeared to be a laptop computer.

The agency said the agency regularly screens pets, but they should not be placed in an x-ray machine. It is up to the airline to decide whether or not to allow a pet on board.


This is not the first time airport baggage handlers have faced similar scenes. In 2019, a snake was discovered at Newark Liberty International Airport. The year before, in Miami, TSA workers had found a snake wrapped in what appeared to be stock hidden in a computer hard drive. The Barbados-bound passenger was fined and the Viper was seized.

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