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Shocked Australia, healthy girl deported to Covid concentration camp

Incredible story, shocking and at the same time disturbing. It happens in Australia that perfectly healthy people who have been in contact with positive subjects for Covid are picked up and deported to internment or detention camps for 14 days, and if one complains about treatment, the period may be longer.

They abandoned them there, locked in a container cell a few meters away, deserted to themselves, with a fenced outside area and a balcony bordered by yellow impassable lines, under a fine of 5 thousand euros.

He was told by a young saleswoman from the Australian radio station “UnHeard” (which no one had heard of) and it was posted on Byoblu by Claudio Misura, who oversaw the translation.

A hallucinatory story, taking us back to the dark times of Nazism, lived by a 25-year-old girl, Hayley Hodgson, who has never tested positive for Covid but has only been in contact with a friend of hers who has been traced back for the first time. down and later deported to Camp Howard Springs, Australia’s largest internment camp for Covid located in Darwin, a city in the north of the country. The concentration camp can accommodate up to 2,000 people. During her imprisonment, she was tested three times, and all three times she tested negative for the so-called covid. To calm the pain of Hell, they gave her some Valium. Until her resignation, when she occasionally lost her job, she was left with no income.

This is an excerpt from the Byoblu report

“A girl, a shop assistant, travels on a motorbike with her friend, after which she tests positive for the swab. She is tracked down thanks to cameras framing him in the car, whose license plate is named after her. A team of plainclothes detectives appear at her home and interrogate her. They ask her to get a Covid test recently.

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I was a bit surprised and scared, having seen the Covid containment fields before, lying and saying she had a negative streak recently. They checked it, didn’t, then sent cops to pick it up and send it to Howard Springs Covid camp for 14 days. She had no 5,000 dollars, and the girl was left only to pack her bags and follow these gentlemen, who made her board a van used to serve “the bar, the bistro, the hatch, etc.” calming.

She is taken to her allotted area, perhaps two square metres, with a small balcony where she can sunbathe, which cannot be given up with a fine of $5,000. They bring her meals once a day and no one comes near her. They tested her negative, but told her she could not go home and had to stay there for two weeks. Not happy, they make her understand that if she resists they will keep her for more than two weeks.

The girl returns home after two weeks of captivity, and it is clear that her work was an informal one, in the meantime she loses her job. A healthy person, with a home in which he can stay in self-isolation, who has not tested positive even once, who has been “kidnapped” by the Covid police and deported to what is in fact a concentration camp, without any sentencing, without any punishment. Certainty about the length of stay, the punishment for doing nothing, the disenfranchisement of her right to work, and the $1,500 bonus that should be used to offset the indelible emotional trauma and damage caused by the loss of the job.”

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Translate Byoblu and give it the name original video From the interview broadcast by Unheard by Freddy Sayre. An interview you can see translated Location de Misura and read the subtitles too.

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