Shipping to the UK after Brexit

Brexit, that is, the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union, brought many theoretical and practical arguments to be addressed.

These relate largely to the regulation of economic relations with the island, which, since last January, has ceased to be subject to the rules common to the countries belonging to the European Union. While this has disturbed relations between countries on the one hand, it has also upset the daily lives of those who would ordinarily “talk” to the UK with goods or even in private. Seemingly trivial questions often arise, such as how to do it Shipping to the UK by post?


Online shipping service to UK

Besides the various changes that have occurred and are happening between the UK and the EU, one of the issues that appears frequently is the connectivity issue. If belonging to the same roof makes it possible to facilitate services, then distance, even geographical, can cut off a virtuous flow like that which has always occurred between nations. However, in the case of courier shipments through the channel, it seems that there are no problems thanks to the online services of the courier companies, which can be completed via the Spedire Subito platform.

Packages up to 30 kg and tracking service

The online service, economical, easy and intuitive, allows you to avoid that our shipment takes too long to arrive or that we have to stand in line forever at the post office. By filling out an online form, you just need to enter all the data and fill out a package of up to 30 kg with delivery within 7 days. A necessary system in the event of deportation or transfer from one state to another. But not only that, thanks to the tracking service it is possible to check the shipment to avoid its loss and to know exactly when it will be delivered.

Documents from Italy to UK within 24 hours

Living in the digital age has made it easier to exchange documents and communications without having to send letters or small envelopes. But what to do if this becomes indispensable, as happens for example for legal documents that have to be original and with very tight deadlines? With online courier, it is also possible to book a shipment by air to be received and delivered within 24 hours, for envelopes weighing up to 500 grams. To ensure the quality of service, there is always help and storage service in case the recipient cannot be contacted.

Wine and oil dispatch, online customized service

Packages up to 30 kg, envelopes for urgent documents and more. Among the Italians’ favorite excursions to Britain are food, especially oil and wine. This is why a dedicated service for this type of shipment is designed, once correct packaging is ensured, to ship 6-30 bottles without the risk of breaking them, three delivery attempts and five days of storage. UK delivery times are also very fast, 48 to 92 hours for some remote areas and in any case no later than 7 days. So easy and safe, what else?

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