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She’s Small and Adorable: Tasmanian Devil Pups and First Care in an Australian Sanctuary

The Tasmanian Devil pups have been cared for by specialist staff at a wildlife sanctuary. The chicks were scanned, microchipped and registered in the database during a series of observations on samples in the shelter.

They are cute little puppies Tasmanian Devil, scientific name Sarcophilus harrisii, And they were born during the year 2022 in Aussie Ark sanctuary, New South Wales, Australia. The sanctuary is concerned with preserving the endangered species of the country and the Tasmanian devil is one of them.

Suffice it to say that once upon a time the Tasmanian devil also inhabited Australia. Today, the area of ​​its distribution is limited to the island that owes its name. Carnivorous marsupials are therefore being watched in the area and the birth of pups is always a moment of great joy and hope for the entire species.

Among the children the Aussie Ark has cared for is also a woman named Sandy in honor of Olivia Newton-John, the actress who left us with other famous characters in 2022. These Tasmanian devils are now fully weaned. Passed health checks with flying colours.

Once born, the puppies spend their first few months in their mother’s pouch. A small part of them survive because the female can suckle 4 puppies at a time and can even give birth to 40. From the fourth month of life they leave the bag and begin to climb onto the mother’s back.

Kelly Davies, director of the Aussie Ark, explained that by taking our adults and moving them to other areas, we have the opportunity to observe those born in 2022.

Veterinarians chip, record and photograph the young specimens and through a series of tests trace their parents to enter them into the database. After that, reintegration takes place in the shelter. Tasmanian Devils are placed first in an area densely populated by their own kind.

Sanctuary workers wait for a cohesive group to form before moving their members to a larger area of ​​the park. They have rescued quite a number of Tasmanian Devils over the years.

Species, as we said, are Endangered. In addition to human activities, the main danger is the Devil’s Face tumor, which is sometimes denoted by the English abbreviation DFTD.

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Source: Reuters

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